Welcome to BuyPlans.net.

This website provides a way to download PDF versions of bid documents for specific projects that are advertised for bids.  The documents are available here as an option to hard copies purchased and delivered through the advertising engineering firm.  Please call the engineering firm if you need hard copies.  Their phone number is listed on the project advertisement.

The general procedure for using this site is as follows:

  1. Add www.Buyplans.net as an allowed sender, to your email system.  This website issues computer generated emails containing a download link.  Your email system may block the email if you do not set www.Buyplans.net as an allowed sender.
  2. Review the list of projects available for download.
  3. Click "Add to Cart" for each project  you want.
  4. Click on "Check out with PAYPAL"
  5. Fill in the requested information.
  6. Once PAYPAL confirms payment, you are done.
  7. This website will send an email to the address submitted for payment with a link for downloading the files containing the documents.
  8. Open the email, click on the link, and download the file.  It will likely be downloaded to your desktop.
  9. Save the file to the desired location.
  10. Unzip the file to separate it into the plans and bid/contract book.
  11. You are responsible for printing any/all necessary pages of the bid documents.

 You / Your company will be added to the bidders list for the project maintained by the engineering firm listed on the advertisement.  Any addenda will be provided to you by the engineering firm.  No addenda or follow up correspondence will be posted on this website.  The buyer should thoroughly review the documents that are purchased from this website for apparent completeness, i.e, possible missing pages and contact the engineering company with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for visiting.  We hope you find this website useful and easy to use.

This site provided by Howe Company LLC .